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How passion for a hobby transformed into a professional pursuit of perfection!

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Welcome to the web space of these two Jackson Photographers... We want to thank you for stopping by. You might have guessed it already, but we want you to know that we simply love being photographers! What had been a lifelong hobby, has developed into a profession that we never before dreamed possible. To be able to get so much joy and satisfaction out of one's line of work - well, let's just say that we never believed that this was an reachable goal. Until the day came, and we just took the leap! That leap of faith has paid off in so many ways. The ultimate satisfaction in what we do, is a simple phrase any photographer loves to hear: "The photos are amazing!" More than any payment, this is ultimate reward for our efforts. You'll find that our passion for photography and our dedication to bringing you delight in your photos, makes us the perfect choice for your photography needs.

Jackson Photography is both skilled and experienced in capturing naturally posed, sharp, and colorful (with a bit of black & white) images for all occasions. We have professionally shot weddings, corporate events, charity functions, church events, senior pictures, newborn & baby portraits, portraiture of children... in addition to our hobbyist pursuits. We would love to capture your next big event in Jackson! Scroll to the bottom and click the link below to find the perfect package and price for your needs.

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